Hexagonal net machine adopting forward and reverse twisting principle


Hexagonal wire mesh machine can be divided into two categories, one is the traditional roller friction friction hexagonal wire mesh, and the other is a new type of hexagonal wire mesh machine directly driven by the warp beam. The parameters set when reversing the shaft include reversing shaft speed, yarn tension, swing movement and tightening, etc. The value and process parameters directly affect the quality of the processed product. The set parameters cannot be changed at will, so, the hexagonal net machine process When setting the parameters, you must enter the password first, as long as the password is correct, you can enter the parameter setting or change, the password can also be changed at any time when required.

The hexagonal mesh machine adopts the principle of forward and reverse twisting, so it does not need to make the iron wire into a spring shape for continuous operation, which improves the consumption efficiency, and has the following characteristics: the maximum speed can reach 65 meshes, and can be based on the original data status Properly adjust the speed to reduce the break rate. The net width is large, and can be woven 1.1 meters wide and double width 2.2 meters wide single. The meshes are evenly spaced, and the wire can be clamped in any position. The quality of the hexagonal mesh machine is related to the safety problem during the installation, so the quality problem cannot be ignored. So how do you know whether the quality of the hexagonal mesh is good or bad? First of all, it depends on the mesh surface of the hexagonal mesh. The smoothness of the mesh surface clarifies that the manufacturing process is quite good.

Post time: Aug-08-2020