Introduction of gabion net

Gabion net can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, sprayed concrete gabion net on rock surface, slope vegetation (greening), railway and highway isolation fences, and can also be made into cages and net mats for anti-scouring protection Rivers, dams and seawalls, as well as cages used to close reservoirs and rivers. The most serious disaster of rivers is the destruction of river banks by water, causing flooding, causing huge loss of life and property and soil erosion. Therefore, when solving the above problems, the application of gabion nets has become one of the best solutions, which can permanently protect the river bed and bank.


1. Flexible structure can adapt to changes in slope without being damaged, and has better safety and stability than rigid structure;

2. Strong anti-scouring ability, can withstand the maximum water flow velocity of 6m/s;

3. The structure is inherently water permeable and has strong tolerance to the natural and filtering effects of groundwater. The suspended solids and silt in the water can be deposited in the rock pile, which is conducive to the growth of natural plants and gradually restore the original ecological environment.

The gabion net is made in the form of iron wire or polymer wire mesh, which can fix the stone in the proper position. The wire cage is a structure made of wire braided or welded. These two structures can be electroplated, and the braided wire box can be additionally coated with PVC. Using weather-resistant hard rock as a filler, it will not quickly break due to wear and tear of the sink in the stone box or gabion. The gabions with different types of block stones have different characteristics. The polygonal stones can be interlocked well, and the stone cage filled with them is not easily deformed.

In landscape engineering, highway slope protection, dam embankment protection and steep mountain slope restoration have always been headaches for engineers and technicians. For many years, they have been exploring an economical and convenient method that can not only meet the requirements of stable mountain and beach protection, but also achieve the effect of greening the environment. Gradually, this technology began to surface, it is the application technology of ecological gabion nets.

The gabion net products are diverse, mainly used for slope protection and retaining walls, bridge protection, river protection, highway roadbed protection, side slope protection, ecological river bank slope improvement and other projects.

Post time: Aug-08-2020